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Virtual Community Association
Roles and Responsibilities.

Draft #1 - Initial proposal (96-11-09).

While the VCA has no formal structure, certain roles are needed for it function within the virtual space it occupies. The roles and responsibilities are listed below, along with the name of the individual(s) currently performing the role.

Archivist - keeps an archive of messages from the discussion groups so that historical records on the VCA may be retained. The individual responds to queries about postings in the archive; serves as the discussion group's "moderator" to ensure operating procedures are followed; and answers queries from participants about the VCA.

Mike Lynch (aa139) assisted by David Gladstone (ac083)

Information manager - maintains the menus and contents of files under the VCA menu on the National Capital FreeNet (NCF). The individual revises file contents and the menu structure as required, following consultation with the participants; liaises with the administrators of the NCF to facilitate operation of the VCA; and moderates the VCA voting area.

David Darwin (aa686)

Liaison - provides a link between the VCA and other broader-based associations involved in similar issues (eg. The Federation of Community Associations). The individual(s) promote and facilitate the sharing of information and the generation of discussion.

Bill Royds (az915) and Linda Hoad (ay055), members of the Federation of Community Associations (FCA), have agreed to be a link between the FCA and the VCA.

Date of last revision: 1997-04-30.